Photo of a Naked Skier - McConkeys

Jason Abraham is a Lake Tahoe area skier and photographer who specializes in Action Sports, Scenic and Lifestyle photography. When Jason (aka Abro) is not in the backcountry on his sled you can find him ripping around Squaw Valley USA. After enjoying these photos, which I know you will, check out Jason’s website

Skier Backflip

This photo of Timy Dutton (aka Timy Backflips) was taken last season on Donner Summit during the filming of Matchstick Productions latest film “The Way I See It”.  I like this shot because Timy is Rad and this image proves it.

Photo of Skier Skiing down a mountain

This photo was taken March 4, 2006.  Travis Ganong, barely 18 at the time has his way with McConkey’s from high line.  The silhouette of Travis in a cloud of snow along with the contrast in this image captures Travis’s hard charging style

Photo from the Cover of Squawllywood - GNAR

This photo of Gunner Newquest sending Bowers’s Tower for 100+ feet landed me my first cover shot.  I was honored to have Robb Gaffney use this image for the cover of the 2nd Edition of Squallywood, which has become a bible for multiple generations of ski bums in the Tahoe area.

Photo of Skier Ski BASE jump

This image of Christian (aka Slambo) was taken on top of the exit point at Lovers Leap in South Lake Tahoe.  I particularly like the way the ambient light shines on Slambo while perfoming a perfectly rotated ski base front flip.  Christian is currently stationed in Iraq serving our country because he is as badass as they come.

photo of a skier jumping off a cliff

This image of Kevin Omeara was taken during an early morning session back in Silverado.  Kevin flashed his line in epic condition & to me this photo captures him in all his glory.

Photo of a Ski BASE Jump

This image of our fallen hero Shane McConkey is particularly special to me.  Shane opened this exit point called “Iron Curtain”.  He would probably be mad at me for giving this image any kind of religious connotation, but to me he looks like a God in this photo.

Photo of a Snowboarder riding the Fingers at Squaw Valley - Lake Tahoe

This photo was taken February 25, 2008, which proved to probably be one of the most productive & photogenic days of my photography career.   This image is of Ralph Backstrom winning the fingers race on a snowboard during pristine conditions.   Winning the fingers race on a snowboard just doesn’t happen but Ralphy shreds hard & somehow pulled it off.

Photo of Powder Skiing, Skier deep in powder snow

This shot of George Hjelte getting pitted was taken in the late afternoon hours after a storm day.  We managed to find a secret little stash in the trees facing northwest.  The soft filtered light gives this image great contrast and balance.

Photo of a Naked Skier - McConkeys

This image of Greg Lindsey was taken on April 5, 2009 the day of Shane McConkey’s Memorial service at Squaw Valley USA.  Cody Townsend & Greg decided to honor Shane by throwing spread eagles off the Palisades in their birthday suits.

This image is of JT Holmes laying trench up on Donner Summit last season.  K2 recently used this photo for a poster of JT.  The back lighting & contrast in this black & white image really makes this one of my favorite shots.

Jason’s website

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