Skiing in the Rain. Why?

Skiing in the Rain. Why?


Skiing in the Rain. Why?


I’ll tell you why.  I do it all for YOU!

I went up the hill today “just for fun” and to see what was going on up there.  I really just wanted to see if it was raining all the way to the top, and sure enough, it was.  The skiing was still fun, but the rain won out and I only skied 1 run from the top of Siberia.

I have a rule that you have to ski at least 5 runs to call it a “day” of skiing.  Thank God there’s an amendment to that rule which states:  If it’s raining, you only have to do one run to call it a day.

Hopefully this storm passes thru tomorrow and we get some Cali sunshine.  Then…ssshhhhh….there’s a rumor of Gulf of Alaska storm dropping our way next week around Wednesday…sssshhhh…….

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