Mountain Athlete: Less Bro-Brah, More Hard Work.

Mountain Athlete: Less Bro-Brah, More Hard Work.


Mountain Athlete: Less Bro-Brah, More Hard Work.


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“The driving principle of Mountain Athlete is that the future of Mountain Sports lies not in technological gear advances, or more reckless and crazy stunts by red-bull hyped up bro-brahs, but in old fashioned hard work in the gym.”- Mountain Athlete Website

The Mountain Athlete Gym doesn’t look like a typical gym. There are no treadmills, no reception desk, and no mechanized equipment. Instead, the walls of the several thousand square foot warehouse are lined with sandbags, barbells and kettle bells. While this may look like a torture chamber to some, to others it’s the first step in a successful athletic season.

There are no “Trainers” and “Clients” here; rather there are “Coaches” and “Athletes.” If you’re looking for a gym with a personal trainer that’s going to rack your weights and tell you that you’re doing great no matter how hard you’re trying, you’re probably, no, you’re definitely at the wrong place. But, if you’re looking for a gym that’s going to bring out the best in you as an athlete, look no further. The no-nonsense attitude at Mountain Athlete reverberates the time-tested theory that there’s no substitute for hard work.

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