Jones Snowboards Flagship Review

Jones Snowboards Flagship Review


Jones Snowboards Flagship Review


When Mr. Jones gave me my first Flagship, he told me to take note of the way the board rode, specifically the Magnetraction, the camber and rockered nose and tail, as well as the flex. “Of course I will,” I replied. I’m pretty sure I blacked out the first time I rode it; I was at the bottom of the lift before I could even start to think about any of the features I was to take note of. By the third lap, I was finally able to focus on individual features, and liked every single one of them.

The Flagship is a directional freeride board with a high performance shape.  It has small amount of rocker in the tip and tail and traditional camber under foot. The flex is pretty stiff; I’d give it an 8 on a 1-10 scale. The light rocker in the tip and tail combined with the mellow camber between the feet makes for an extremely forgiving and maneuverable board, yet still has the power and snap of a traditional camber board. I prefer to not have to use the Magnetraction (in powder), but when snow conditions are on the firm side I really enjoy the additional control and grip I get when I throw my board sideways to scrub speed.  

This board is ideal for freeriders, but isn’t a bad board in any conditions. While it is a directional shape, it does fine riding switch; the taper is extremely slight (tail width is 2mm more narrow than the nose width in every model). Besides, who rides switch enough to necessitate a true twin tip?  

For technical specs and other info go to the Jones Snowboards website. I saw some Flagships on the shelf at Porters last I was there if you’re interested in buying one or checking one out in person.  Check out some Flagship POV footage from last season above and below the review.

Thompson Pass, Valdez, AK with Ralph Backstrom from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

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