Kirkwood 2010

Kirkwood 2010


Kirkwood 2010


After the Tram Face comp I was left with a bit of a shoulder injury. Unfortunately that meant I would be unable to compete in the game of GNAR as well as at Kirkwood. I hope by Verbier I will be healthier and able to kill it!

I decided to go down to Kirkwood to cheer on my fellow blaster's as well as my favorite Kiwi Janina Kuzma.

I helped Janina pick out a line that we both thought would help her win the contest. Janina's an awesome skier and I knew she would kill it. We found a nice line to a shoot with a mandatory air out. She stomped the line twice earning her the win!

We started celebrating her win right after the comp.

I was back in the bar after she had recieved her first place trophey when I looked
outside and noticed Janina back on the podium. Holy shit Janina won Sickbird!!!

If there is any lady out there that I think should have this buckle it's Janina. I'm proud to be a fellow sickbird winner with her. Good work Janina!

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