Flag installed

Flag installed


Flag installed


Flag is installed in the unofficial tree, it was looking good for a few days but I will get hammered by the wind, the top of the tree sticks out above all the rest of the trees in the neighborhood.  The flag is very visable from the Funitel, and from the outside bar at the Chamy.  

Tree Stats:
Species: Jeffery Pine
Height: 100 feet +/-
Weight: 70 tons??
Age: 300-400 years, maybe more

This tree is probobly one of the oldest and tallest trees in the neighborhood.  Can you imaging it was just a seedling when Columbus discovered America?  It has seen many a huge winter, and most likely survived avalanches, wildfires, winds, droughts, floods, etc.  But will it survive humans and the development around it? So, far it looks to be in good health, except the top, which appears to have an old lighting scar. It has most likely been struck by lightning many times. 

View looking down to the street below.

View look at the valley, see Le Chamonix


Looking good

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