Split Boarding at Emerald Bay

Split Boarding at Emerald Bay


Split Boarding at Emerald Bay


{jcomments on}Stoked after some turns!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to head down to Emerald Bay with Jim Zellers for a little split boarding action. I was definitely not in skinning shape; especially compared to Mr. Zellers and his dog, Charlie. They were both very patient!

We had good weather, fun snow (when isn't it fun though?), and I even saw a bob cat! Charlie of course couldn't resist trying to chase the thing once he caught its' scent, but I'm pretty sure the cat was long gone by then.

Making some turns

The coverage was definitely a little thin, as can be seen in the background of each of the pictures (Taken by Jeremy Benson. Thanks Jeremy!), but still easily navigable. All in all, it was a successful morning shred session and I'm looking forward to getting back out into the backcountry on my split board.

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