Sit back, relax and enjoy this vintage ski porn GOLD, starting Squaw Valley boy’s Jeff McKittrick & John Tremann.

Clip from an Eric Perlman film..mid 90’s auntyjack75
On the topic of Tremann, take a look at this informative article from 1995: Skier Lets Extreme Talente Sly — Local Skier Stars In Action Film
Mercer Island native John Tremann remembers the day well. Five years ago. Fifth Avenue Theatre. Nervous, he approached Miller backstage and spat out a sentence which, in the skiing world, will get you laughed off just about any mountain. “I know I can do some of those things Scot Schmidt is doing.” Schmidt, then the king of high-mountain cliff jumping, starred in many of Miller’s 1980s films, later becoming a poster boy for K2 and The North Face. Miller, who did not become the king of action sports film by turning away potential prospects, didn’t laugh at Tremann. He just offered four words of advice. “Send me a tape.” Tremann did. Miller was impressed. Much filming ensued. And sometime this week Miller will be returning the favor, sending a videotape back to Tremann. This one won’t be a homemade demo tape. It’s the real thing: “Endless Winter,” Miller’s 46th annual film, which debuts here next Thursday at the Fifth Avenue Theatre. Warren Miller will narrate. And John Tremann, who had roles in two previous Miller films, will star. The Seattle Times