Our unofficial team of skier, snowboarders, writers and photographers.

Master Blasters


Adam Ruscitto

Adam has been shredding Squaw and the Tahoe backcountry for the last eight years, since relocating from Vermont. Mountains and water are his addiction, and Tahoe has a nearly ideal combination.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell - you may recognize him from blockbusters such as PhoneBooth, SWAT and Miami Vice... Yet, Colin has traded in the glitz of Hollywood for the glam of Ski-Bum-dom. Unofficial says, "good choice!"

Daryn Edmunds

Daryn Edmunds grew up shredding the bad ass hills of lower NY. After college he moved out to SLC to ski in Little Cottonwood Canyon. He now sells Real Estate and runs Unofficial Snowbird. Contact: [email protected]

Griffin Post

Griffin Post hales from Sun Valley, ID and now lives in Jackson Hole, WY where he helps runs Unofficial Jackson.

Jaclyn Paaso

Born in Mass. Lives in Tahoe Skis on the Freeride World Tour Winner of the 2010 Freeride World Tour - Squaw Valley Stop

Jared Vincent

Jared Vincent grew up in the great state of Connecticut and was living and skiing in Vermont for the past 10 years. He now lives in Telluride, CO where he runs Unofficial Telluride.

John Lange

born: Oakland, Ca. I Have skied at Squaw my entire life. I have been a member of Squaw Valley Ski Team since 1983. We moved here when I was 13 and I graduated from Squaw Valley Academy in 1999, sick season!

John Parker

John is a life long Squaw skier and published research scientist.

John Wells

Originally from Groton, Massachusetts John has searched the globe far and wide (36 countries in all) in search for the "mecca" that is Mt. Baker, WA. John skis everyday and runs unofficial Baker, whether it's 35 mph water-ski turns or dry pow, skiing is john.

Josh Matta

Josh Matta started skiing at the tiny hamlet of Hidden Valley, Pa just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa .(go STILLERS!!) He then spent some time honing his powder skills at Snowbird, Utah. Since everyone else on unofficialnetworks seems to leave Vermont, Josh naturally moved to Stowe, Vt to pick up all the powder they left behind and post on about the slayage.

JT Holmes

JT Holmes is a Pro Skiing and BASE jumper from Squaw Valley, CA. Squaw Valley Season Pass holder since 82-83, Ten Little Indians, Mighty Mites, Squaw Valley Freestyle Team member turned pro-stalker, turned pro.

Matt Annetts

Matt grow up right outside Stowe, VT and now lives in Jackson Hole, WY where he trains for the Freeride World Tour.

Michelle Parker

Squaw Valley Local who skis in both the big mountains and the park.

Ryland Bell

Ryland is Snowboarder from AK who now calls KT-22 Home.

Tim Konrad

After graduating Saint Michael's College in 2005 with a B.A. in History, Tim Konrad moved to Squaw Valley, CA where he fitted ski boots, bussed tables and launched In May of 2007, Tim co-founded with his older brother Captain John Konrad.

Travis Ganong

Travis Ganong is a US Ski Team member who competes on World Cup Circuit.

Photographers / Writers

Brennan Lagasse

Brennan Lagasse is Unofficial Networks backcountry reporter. When Brennan is not skiing in the Tahoe backcountry he is traveling the world skiing new peaks on all seven Continents.

Dr. Kaye

Truckee-based, Hawai’i-born Grant Kaye creates colorful, vibrant, and evocative photographs that bring the viewer into the special landscapes he seeks out. In addition to being a passionate photographer, Kaye skis and hikes as often as he can. His professional background is in geology, volcanic hazards, and GIS/cartography.

Joey bagadonuts

Joey Bagadonuts suffers from a severe and persistant lack of the ability to bullsh$t. He tells you want you don't wanna hear, but know is true.

Matt DeLuca

Matt DeLuca is our Unofficial Beer Guy. Matt was raised on the south shore of Massachusetts. While living in Vermont during college where he hoped he'd be able to ski and listen to music, Matt fell in love with the local beer. Now he works as a brewer at one of Boston's most recognizable breweries.

Nik David

Nik is yet another Vermonter in Tahoe. Likes to film, loves to ski.

Ryan Salm

Ryan Salm has spent the last 15 years of his life wandering the world and capturing the essence of the moment from portraiture to adventure. His work is featured in Patagonia, Powder, ESPN, Backcountry, Wend, & Outside, anywhere beautiful imagery exists. He is available for assignments and commissions. For more of Ryan’s work, information, weddings or event photography check out: