Swatch Skiers Cup Kaj and Abma
Captains Kaj and Abma image:
Swatch Skiers Cup Kaj and Abma
Captains Kaj and Abma (image:

Chile’s Chopo Diaz set the stage with a large air at the top of the venue beating out his competitor Seb Michaud to earn the first point of the competition for Team Americas. Next up was Oakley White-Allen beating out Australian Chris Booth and putting Team Americas up 2 – 0 early in the day.

Swatch Skiers Cup heli
Swatch Skiers Cup (image:

The tables turned quickly however with a European sweep for the final six heats. Henrik Windstedt earned the first Team Europe point with a powerful big mountain line topping Team America’s James Heim.

Swatch Skiers Cup turn

Swatch Skiers Cup (image:

Markus Eder ripped an unsuspected line consisting of a series of couloirs and cliffs in a “high speed charge” to the skiers left of the venue. The hidden line, visible only from the helicopter, earned his team a point off Team Americas Josh Bibby.

Swatch Skiers Cup cliff

Swatch Skiers Cup (image:

Dana Flahr suffered a fall during his run opening the door for European Captain Kaj Zackrisson to add another point to Team Europe’s tally.

Time constraints limited the day to only one big mountain run per competitor and Team Europe walked away from the day with a commanding lead but with a strong air-force on the Americas side The Swatch Skiers Cup is still up for grabs heading into the backcountry slopestyle stage of the competition. Gas it up Team Americas!

Swatch Skiers Cup cliff 2
Swatch Skiers Cup (image:

Complete results of first day of competition: Big Mountain

Team Americas 



Team Europe 


Chopo Diaz (CHI – 28) 1 – 0 Seb Michaud (FRA – 38)
Oakley White-Allen (USA – 32) 1 – 0 Chris Booth (AUS – 23)
Matt Margetts (CAN – 23) 0 – 1 Nicolas Vuignier (SUI – 20)
James Heim (CAN – 29) 0 – 1 Henrik Windstedt (SWE – 28)
Josh Bibby (CAN – 28) 0 – 1 Markus Eder (ITA – 20)
Rory Bushfield (CAN – 28) 0 – 1 Richard Permin (FRA – 26)
Dylan Hood (USA – 27) 0 – 1 Sverre Liliequist (SWE – 39)
Dana Flahr (CAN – 29) 0 – 1 Kaj Zackrisson (SWE – 27)

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