The ShredShox binding system.
The ShredShox binding system.

Nobody likes ski chatter. When you’re cruising down the mountain, the last thing you want to fill is your skis slapping around underneath your foot. But no matter what material companies stick in the boards, every ski will chatter under the right conditions. So what’s the fix? According to the people behind ShredShox, it’s suspension systems on our skis.

Developed with a combined mind of ski racing and motorsports (developed in Indianapolis, tested at Palisades Tahoe), the ShredShox combine an adjustable air shock, damping settings, and a universal carbon binding platform to create a new level of comfort on the mountain.



The SHREDSHOX system provides all skiers with enhanced energy absorption transferring less stress on you and more stability to the mountain.


The combination of air suspension and damping settings enable the rider to decrease the amount chatter relative to their skiing style.


The SHREDSHOX is built with exotic materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and two tune-able air shocks.

The ShredShox are not currently available for purchase, but the company is looking for people that might be interested in product testing throughout the 2024/25 ski season. If you’re intrigued, you can sign up here.

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