Black bear break-ins in Lake Tahoe are a honest to goodness problem. Every year we cover stories about black bears gaining access to homes in the basin, causing thousands of dollars of damage and often leaving smelly souvenirs for whoever discovers the scene of the crime. There are lots of methods of deterrent from the obvious like not leaving attractants like garbage outside and keeping your doors and windows locked, to the more sophisticated like installing motion-detector alarms or motion-activated sprinklers.

Well I just discovered another way to discourage bears from coming in your front door and it’s nickname is the Unwelcome Matt. Bear Buster electric doormats were invented in Lake Tahoe back in 2009 and they provide a reliable and humane way to keep bears out of your house. They just came out with their newest version which utilizes electrical conducting rubber and can be customized the lengths now up to 16 feet long. If you’re worried this is a gimmick its not. Bear Busters has installed over 2,000 systems and “since 2009, we’ve never had a bear get past one of our systems.” If you’re interested in checking out a Bear Buster doormat GO HERE:

Here is a Bear Buster in action:

“This video was shared by a very happy customer. She lives in Pine Mountain Club, California. The mat was placed near the top of the stairway. As you can see the bear walked up the stairs and stepped on the electric bear mat and left quick. The electric mat is powered by an electric fence energizer used for horses. The shock is very unpleasant but does not harm the bears. It simply tells them they are not welcome here!”

How do electric doormats work? We created the first electric doormats (a.k.a. “Bear Mats” or “Unwelcome Mats”) in 2010. They protect your home by shocking bears that step on them. We are proud to say we are on our 3rd version of manufacturing the mats and we believe our newest version created in 2023 is the BEST!

Our last mats had a metal top sheet. It had its issues. The metal would rust, get very hot and very reflective in the sun, the metal would delaminate from the rubber if the mat was moved around too much and they were way too heavy and expensive to ship.

The newest version is made from electrical conducting rubber. They are only 1/4 inch thick so much lighter. We can customize the lengths now up to 16 feet long. You pick your length. The cost is $68.75 per linear foot. They can even be placed in front of garage doors and driven over. We can roll them up and ship them out to you or install them if you’re in the Lake Tahoe area.


We’ve perfected the art of bear proofing homes. Our systems provide permanent security by delivering an electrical shock that creates a negative association with your home. Since 2009, we’ve never had a bear get past one of our systems.


When bears come in contact with our systems, they receive a strong electrical shock. This shock doesn’t harm the bears, it just scares them off. Electric bear deterrents keep bears wild by teaching them to stay away from humans.


Our systems emit a high-volt / low-amp electrical pulse every second. This technology has been used on farms and ranches around the world for over 100 years. It’s safe for humans and pets and doesn’t increase the risk of fire damage.


Bear break-ins are traumatizing and expensive. Bear proofing your cabin is much cheaper than replacing doors, windows, carpets, appliances and anything else bears destroy inside your home. Save yourself the headache, secure your home now.

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