Denver's drone show featured Blucifer.
Denver's drone show featured Blucifer.

DENVER, Colorado – The City of Denver opted to host a drone show instead of a firework show for the Fourth of July this year, and it got pretty funky. With the fire danger in the state, fireworks can be incredibly risky, and are illegal for regular people to own. So a large drone show makes sense. It featured some Colorado classics, like the state flag, mountains, a skier, and more. It also featured some very American imagery, like the Statue of Liberty, and eagle, and, of course, the American flag. But it also featured some… interesting things. Like the airport’s legendary Blucifer statue blowing up a UFO with its laser eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I 100% support Denver’s decision to stick to a drone show, but I’m going to do my best to always go somewhere that can safely host fireworks show on the Fourth of July. The drones are cool, they’re pretty, but it’s the lack of noise that drives me nuts. I want to feel every explosion. I don’t to sit there in silence. But that’s just me.

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