Orcas are natural predators of moose.
Orcas are natural predators of moose.

Moose’s natural predators are pretty much what you’d expect. Bears, wolves, occasionally cougars, and, in some regions, Siberian tigers. But one major animal is missing from that predictable list. Despite moose being land mammals and orcas, or killer whales, being ocean mammals, orcas have been known to hunt and kill moose while they’re in the water.

Orcas are ferocious predators, but how the heck do they eat moose? How does that even happen? Well… watch this video to find out.

Believe it or not, moose are very solid swimmers. They have the ability to swim at speeds around 5mph, putting them at speeds equal to or greater than Olympic swimmers. During the summer, it’s not uncommon to see moose keeping cool in the water, and in the late summer season, they’re known to forage for aquatic vegetation as deep as six meters under water.

So, with moose enjoying some time in the water, and orcas enjoying hunting and eating, attacks have happened off the coast of Canada and Alaska. Specifically, near Vancouver, moose carcasses have been found with orca bite lacerations. It is unclear whether or not these cases are opportunistic or just for fun.

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