Completing a DIY boot punch.

Punching ski boots is a necessary step in getting your boots to fit right. As an ex-boot fitter myself, I’d say around 25-50% of boot fits end up requiring a punch, even if it’s a tiny one, and even if the boot seems to fit great otherwise. There’s nothing wrong with getting your boot punched and, if you go to a good ski shop, they should include punches as a part of purchasing boots. But if it winds up not being free, boot punches can get expensive quick. While I don’t recommend punching your boots on your own, there are tools and guides to make it happen.

Learn how to punch your own ski boot to make it more comfortable. You can punch or stretch a ski boot in many places so the bones of your feet are not squashed and painful. In this video I show you the 3 easy steps I take to punch my ski boot and relieve pressure points.

In this video, Tom Gelle from Big Picture Skiing is using Patriot Footbed’s Ski Boot Punching Tool, which costs around $220 USD. You’ll also need a decent heat gun, which typically cost around $50-$150. Use your own discretion on what you think will be nice enough to get the boot to the right heat.

Again, if you need a punch, your best move is going to be visiting a boot fitter. They’ll do a much better job locating the problem and fixing it. It might not even be a punch issue, so you might be altering a perfectly good pair of boots that doesn’t need any altering.

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