4th of July Hikers Encounter Grizzly @ Glacier National Park
4th of July Hikers Encounter Grizzly @ Glacier National Park

A group of hikers celebrating Independence Day inside Glacier National Park had a run in with one of the resident grizzly bears on Avalanche Lake Trail. As the grizzly approached, one of the hikers pulled out a can of spray and discharged it when the bear had gotten within 30 yards of their position. When the grizzly hit the wall of aerosolized capsaicin it changed its direction and thankfully went back up the mountain. Learn more about proper us of bear spray in Glacier National Park below:

Grizzly Bear Encounter in Glacier National Park

“He came onto the trail and started towards us. When he got within 30 yards I bear sprayed the trail and he went back up the mountain when he got to that point. Definitely got my adrenaline going!”

Grizzly on Avalanche Lake Trail 7/4/24
byu/Known_Slip_2577 inGlacierNationalPark

Glacier National Park Bear Spray Recommendations:

This aerosol pepper spray temporarily incapacitates bears. It is an effective, non-toxic, and non-lethal means of deterring aggressive bears. Under no circumstances should bear spray create a false sense of security or serve as a substitute for practicing standard safety precautions.

Bear spray is intended to be sprayed into the face of an oncoming bear. Factors influencing effectiveness include distance, wind, rain, temperature extremes, and product shelf life. It is not intended to act as a repellent. Do not spray gear or your camp with bear spray. Pre-sprayed objects may instead attract bears.

Be aware that you may not be able to cross the US/Canada border with some brands of bear spray. Canadian Customs will allow USEPA-approved bear spray to cross. The bear spray cannister must have USEPA printed on the label.

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