Glen Plake at the Tour de France.

FRANCE – For many people, the best part of the Tour de France is the fans (no shade to the people who actually like to watch the race, I fall into that category). Whether it’s borderline naked Frenchmen, bizarre costumes, the Devil, or wild displays on the side of the road, it’s hard to go a day without spotting something insane. I can say that I wasn’t expecting to see legendary skier Glen Plake on the side of the road, but I’m certainly not upset.


Found legendary skier Glen Plake at the Tour de France. 😂 #TDF2024 #cycling #tourdefrance #glenplake #skiing

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I know Glen Plake was never a professional cyclist, but I really want him to be a talking head on my TV for the Tour, and probably every other professional sport. I’m sure, like his knowledge of the wind in the area, he’d be able to connect every sport with his experience skiing.

For those who aren’t well versed in professional cycling, the (arguably) two best cyclists in the world right now are Tadej Pogačar (Slovenian) and Jonas Vingegaard (Danish), so he means it when he says he’s torn between two lovers.

The outfit is gold, his energy is gold, Glen Plake is gold. Never change Glen Plake, never change.

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