Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre. Credit: Liberty Mountain Snowflex via Instagram

U.S.A. – There’s no way to celebrate the Fourth of July quite like going skiing. Some years, there are several resorts open around the country. Some years, there are several less resorts open around the country. Sadly, this year falls into that second category, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get on some snow this Fourth of July, you just might need to work for it.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Skiing and snowboarding at Timberline Lodge continues, with the slopes of the Palmer Snowfield (accessed by Palmer Express), staying plenty snow-covered. Much of the area is taken up by summer camps and training throughout the week, but public lanes will always be available to those who just need to celebrate Independence Day on snow.

Big SNOW American Dream, New Jersey

Ever been skiing inside? Well this Fourth of July is a great time to give it a shot, especially for those who live in or near New Jersey. Open from 1pm-8pm Monday-Thursday, 1pm-9pm on Fridays, 10am-9pm on Saturdays, and 10am-8pm on Sundays, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy three trails and a park all year long, costing $59.99 for a two hour access pass at Big SNOW American Dream. And yes, they’re running for normal hours on the Fourth of July.

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Virginia

If you’re okay with skiing on something that isn’t quite snow, the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Virginia could be an option for you. As a part of Liberty University, the Snowflex Centre includes various park features, allowing you to ski or snowboard on Briton Engineering’s patented Snowflex® surface all year round, including on the Fourth of July. Skiing and snowboarding, which includes unlimited runs down both trails, costs $25 for a day or $8 for an hourly pass (and it’s free for Liberty University students).

Hike or Tour

Is there really a better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than getting out in nature for a hike or tour? If you’re willing to put in the work, there’s plenty of snow remaining at higher altitudes (assuming you’re not in the East Coast… there might be some though, go look!). Backcountry skiing, even in the summer, comes with its dangers, so do so at your own risk, and only if you have enough experience/knowledge. The snow might not be the best, but turns on skis or snowboards are still turns!

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