Kids get launched by 'the blob'.

If you’re looking to cry with laughter today, this video might be your best shot. Whichever summer camp counselor decided to stick a GoPro onto these kids’ helmet before launching them into space with ‘the blob’ deserves a massive raise, and whoever edited this video and put the music to it might need an even bigger one.


How to properly kick off summer: get launched 50ft in the air 💨 #gopro #summer #summercamp #theblob #launched #lakelife

♬ original sound – GoPro

It’s been a personal wish of mine to get launched by the blob, but now that I’m a large feller, I’m not sure if that will ever happen. I will forever enjoy videos of people getting tossed by them though. I’m not kidding when I say this video made me tear up with laughter a bit the first time I watched it.

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