Avalanche Sharks 2014 horror movie
Avalanche Sharks 2014 horror movie

If you’re looking for a corny ski-centric horror movie we got you covered. Here’s the pitch: Mammoth Mountain’s annual “Bikini Ski Day” party for spring break takes a dark turn when the ghosts of ancient sharks awaken to defend the mountain against tourists and skiers. Avalanche Sharks was a 2014 direct to video B-movie and it’s worth watching to giggle at the absurdity. Check out the trailer and find a link to the full movie below:

Bikini Snow Day is the busiest day of the year at Mammoth Mountain, and the resort is packed with wild co-eds looking for a good time. When an unexpected avalanche rumbles down the mountain, it awakens ancient spirits in the form of massive sharks with a taste for human flesh. As the body count begins to pile up, the local sheriff must form an unlikely alliance with a motley crew of locals and tourists in order to kill off the terrifying creatures before it’s too late.

Watch Full Movie Here

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