Surfing the tidal bore wave of lifetime in Alaska.
Surfing the tidal bore wave of lifetime in Alaska.

It was by pure happenstance that world renown surfer Jamie O’brien ended up catching a the tidal bore wave of lifetime up Alaska. The original plan was ride a river mouth but there was a mix up with his surfboards and he ended up on the banks of the Turnagain Arm waiting for a 30-foot tide to come rolling in with the folks from T A Surf Company, a local outfit that takes tourists out to ride tidal bores that Jamie recommends any surfer take advantage of if they find themselves up in AK. Interesting idiosyncrasy about riding this tidal bore, if you fall you paddle as hard as you can to the bank and run as fast as you can to chase the wave back down and catch it again. Wicked.


Who’s ready for surf season?! Here on the Turnagain Arm the snow is melting and waves are turning on. We are now taking reservations for summer 2024. The best way to “get on the books” with us is to send us an email, DM, or give a call to see what dates are available and work with your schedule. The time of the tide is constantly changing, and the wave doesn’t always work, so it’s best to try and reserve early, as we have booked up in later summer months. This year we will be running through August and closing down the beginning of September. On average we get about two weeks of rideable tides per month, with some months working every day, other times no wave at all.

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