Cliff jumping in the Pacific Northwest

Who else is going to put up a gnarly cliff jumping huckfest edit the second summer gets going other than Scott Gaffney? I’m not saying freestyle cliff jumping isn’t nuts. It is nuts. The pros throw stuff that I would never dream of trying, even into water. But I’m also convinced that Scott Gaffney could make the lamest sport in the world look incredibly dope if he’s behind the camera. Take a sweet sport and Scott Gaffney behind the camera and you get something even more than incredibly dope. Still, let’s see a chess edit Scott. Let’s see how sick you can make that.

Snuck in a quick 3-day trip through the lower PNW to join up with a gathering of many of the world’s top freestyle cliff jumpers. This edit is merely a tease of what went down, but I’ve got real life to attend to and wanted to share a hasty edit. Maybe some time in the not too distant future I’ll dive into a more extended and worthy version.” – Scott Gaffney

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