This is what skiing style looked like 20 years ago.

Has freestyle skiing lost its style? No, the style has just changed. But it certainly looked a bit different 20 years ago. Level 1 shared this clip from their 2006 movie ‘Long Short Story’ to their TikTok, illustrating what style in skiing was 20 years ago. The main thing they point out is the afterbang, so keep an eye on that.

What is ‘afterbang’, you ask? As it’s mainly a concept, asking a million people that question might get you a million different answers. It’s the steez that one shows after landing a sweet trick. It’s the way a skier or snowboarder acts like nothing happened after they threw down something insane. It’s not overconfidence, it’s not even confidence. Maybe it’s a bit of a lean back. Maybe it’s hands behind the back. It’s just ‘afterbang’.

Go watch a bunch of Tom Wallisch clips and pay attention close to the landing and immediately after landing. If there’s one person that represents ‘afterbang’, it’s probably him.

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