Dillon, Colorado — Don’t dream it’s over. Colorado’s public lift-serviced ski season came to a close on June 16th. The first to open and last to close was Arapahoe Basin, opening on October 29th and wrapping up its season on June 16th.

For their closing weekend, YouTuber Angelina Outside captured the scenes from Arapahoe Basin. This included the conditions on the slopes, the wiggles, and the legendary Lake Reveal. She describes herself as a mediocre skier, but Angelina does show what the experience of skiing in June at Arapahoe Basin is like. Based on analyzing the snowpack in the video below, I think it’s safe to say that Arapahoe Basin made the right decision by wrapping the season up this past Sunday.

Image/Video Credits: Angelina Outside, Arapahoe Basin (Lucas Herbert)

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