Muddy conditions capture a hiker in Big Bend National Park

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, Texas – If you need a good lesson on why to always listen to park rangers, let this video be a clue. Now it’s not clear if the original posted of this video, who posted it initially to the Friends of Big Bend National Park Facebook Page, was ignoring any rangers. It’s quite likely that conditions changed without any of the rangers knowing. But still, if a ranger tells you conditions aren’t right for a hike in a certain area, listen to them.

This hike was through the Santa Elena Canyon Trail, an area known for rapidly changing conditions based on water level. The National Park Service encourages people to stay aware of water level when heading onto that trail, specifically at Terlingua Creek.

To access the Santa Elena Canyon Trail, hikers must first cross the bed of Terlingua Creek, and climb a short but steep bank. Conditions change constantly at this location. Depending upon recent rainfall, Terlingua Creek may be dry sand, thick mud, or flowing water. Carefully assess conditions and your abilities before attempting to cross. If water levels are too high, do NOT attempt to cross.

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