Donny dominates the mud run and slack line.

VAIL, Colorado – Donny Pelletier, Maine’s finest athlete, may be known for his incredible skiing skills, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a brilliant athlete in every other sport he attempts. This past weekend, at the Vail Mountain Games, he crushed every competition he competed in, making well known athletes look like absolute fools.

won just about every event in site at the @mountaingamesvail. mint times thanks 4 havin me out.

He put the Teton Juggler, known for juggling while throwing down insane lines on skis, in his place with a few cans of Moxie. He easily climbed what had to be a V15 on the bouldering wall, and then put down some insane tricks on the slack line. Then he dominated the Mountain Games mud run with little effort, lapping everybody twice. He even made Mikaela Shiffton (Mikaela Shiffrin) look like a fool in a game of trivia.

What else would you expect from a legend of the great state of Maine? He makes us Mainers proud.

Donny dominates the rock wall and trivia

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