A bear attempts to break into Black Porch Antiques. Credit: Black Porch Antiques

GREENVILLE, Tennessee – We’ve all heard of a ‘bull in a china shop’, but what about a ‘bear in an antique store’? 80-year-old Brenda Freshour saved the Back Porch Antiques store from learning exactly what that would look like early last week, when she managed to stop a bear from breaking in.

According to WVLT8, Brenda spotted the animal as it was running down the sidewalk, initially believing it to be a large dog. As the bear got closer, she realized what it was and managed to lock the door, but the bear got on its hind legs and smacked its paws on the door handles.

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The bear was not able to get into the store, moving along quite quickly after being locked out, but it left Brenda with a lifetime memory.

Well, it was kind of daunting, but I didn’t get nervous until after it was over with because I looked around the shop and said no way is he getting in here because he’s going to destroy everything, and I was not going to let that happen.” – Brenda Freshour

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