Free solo climber passes a climber in Nevada.

RED ROCKS, Nevada – Free solo climbing is a cool concept, but I don’t think I’d ever want to see it in person. Especially like how these guys saw it.

My buddy and I were climbing the Dark Shadows route at Red Rocks when we were passed by a free climber. He was very polite about asking to pass. After a few minutes I made myself safe and let him by. I watched in awe as he cruised passed. I was about 275′ above the ground when he approached, which is the third pitch, rated 5.8.

I get that it’s a rush for these climbers to be completely unhooked and alone, but I kind of think this is more selfish than cool. Sorry to get dark here, but if a free solo climber falls while they’re on a wall alone, they just hurt themselves. If this guy falls and hits these climbers on the way down, he could do some serious damage.

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