Mt. Washington, New Hampshire- If there’s somebody who understands people, it’s Matt “Schmutz” Lyons.

The popular comedian has a growing community thanks to his hilarious impersonations of various communities, particularly in the outdoor recreation world. Over the past couple of months, he’s impersonated every person who skis at Aspen, leaves their dog poop bag on hikes, and wears Darn Tough Socks, among many other demographics.

This week, he took on every person who skis at Tuckerman Ravine in New Hampshire. He nails the ambition and grandeur of the mountaineers who take on these challenging slopes each spring, along with their goal of making it to Cape Cod by the evening.

For more information about Matt’s background, check out an interview he recently did with Outside Magazine.

Image/Video Credits: Friends of Tuckerman Ravine, Matt Lyons

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