Phunjo Lama. Credit: Phunjo Lama

MOUNT EVEREST – Nepal’s Phunjo Lama has reclaimed the record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest by a woman, reaching the summit from the Everest base camp in a remarkable 14 hours and 31 minutes. The total trip, from base to summit back down to base, took 24 hours and 26 minutes.

Phunjo Lama’s first ascent of Everest in 2018

According to CNN, Lama departed at 3:52 p.m. on May 23, reaching the summit at 6:23 a.m. the following morning. Overnight climbing helped to avoid the big crowds Everest is becoming famous for. Early in the morning on the 24th, Lama claims she was behind 60 or 70 people, despite there being around 6,700 people between Camps Two and Four on May 21 and 22 according to her estimates.

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According to Guinness World Records, Lama first set the record for the fastest summit of Everest by a woman in 2018, putting down a time of 36 hours and 6 minutes. In 2021, Ada Tsang of Hong Kong broke the record with a time of 25 hours and 50 minutes. The overall record fastest ascent was set by Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa in 2003, with a jaw-dropping time of 10 hours and 56 minutes.

Lama told the independent that her daughter hopes to break the record one day as well.

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