This skier appeared to target and body check this snowboarder.

Powder days can make people really stupid. For some reason this skier thought the best course of action on what looked like a remarkable day was to start beef with this snowboarder. Now we don’t know what happens leading up the interaction, but the skier nearly runs into the snowboarder (who’s in front of him and has the right of way) and decides that he should target the snowboarder from then on.

Honestly just a terrible way to act on the mountain. Maybe the snowboarder was cutting across in that first interaction, but the skier clearly wasn’t giving him enough space. I feel like I’ve seen enough to know that the skier was in the wrong here.

🚨Who was in the wrong? Comment below!🚨 I think the skier is the only “idiot dude” here. In 30+ years on the slopes I have never been targeted like this. What do you think?

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