Waterfalls rip down the Grand Canyon's walls.

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Arizona – Photos and videos of the Grand Canyon usually seem pretty dry. Sure, there’s water down there, but the surrounding area feels pretty moisture-free. So when the entire canyon is covered in flowing waterfalls, it’s quite a mind blowing sight.

“I’ve seen waterfalls spout in the Canyon, but not thousands of them all at once, each a different color and consistency, billowing out and sideways to form an almost continuous skein of water chundering down the terraced walls. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever spent on the Colorado River and I think most everyone in our party felt the same way, from awestruck first-time guests to guides with many more seasons in the Canyon than me. Water in the desert can be a terrifying blessing. We are always in the alert for flash floods, and our awareness of how lucky we were was breathtaking.

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