Killington, Vermont —After the snow melted quickly throughout May, Killington’s chances for June skiing were looking bleak. However, they tend to find a way to figure it out.

Thanks to the knowledge and hard work of Killington’s snow groomers, guests were able to ski on June 1st. Skiers and riders carried their skis onto the lift, with a maximum capacity of two individuals per carrier. Killington attached ropes to their two snow groomers placed on the top of Superstar, allowing skiers and riders to walk down to the snow patch. From there, it was relatively smooth sailing, with mostly thin-cover conditions.

Killington put together a highlight reel from Closing Day, which features soft turns and lots of hooting and hollering.

In terms of the biggest send, Mike Hayes was going ham on the minimal snowpack on Superstar.

For an extended video of the experience, YouTuber Zielinskiing showed what the full day was like, including the major lift lines in the morning and the celebration after the last chair.

Finally, Liv4Ski provides weekly updates each spring of the snowpack on Superstar. This final snowpack update shows skiers tackling the rope drop into the snow and skiing the very narrow ribbon of death.

Congrats to Killington Resort for having lift-serviced skiing in June for the third year in a row!

Image/Video Credits: Killington Resort, Mike Hayes, Zielinskiing, Liv4Ski

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