Jean Daniel Pession and Elisa Arlian
Jean Daniel Pession and Elisa Arlian

Tragic news out of Northern Italy where professional skier Jean Daniel Pession and his girlfriend, Elisa Arlian, have died on June 1st after falling nearly 2,300 feet off of Mount Zerbion in Aosta Valley, Italy.

 RAI reports that the Italian World Cup skier, 28, and Arlian, 27, who were both ski instructors “fell into the void” before being buried by snow.

“They were almost at the summit, just a step away, when suddenly they were betrayed by the mountain they loved so much. When they were found, they were still tied together, like in a final embrace.” -Tg3

The pair was located by rescuers using a signal from one of their cellphones hours after they were reported missing


“They had set out early in the morning to reach a peak both knew well. When their families didn’t see them return, they called the emergency center, which immediately activated the helicopters. When the technicians lowered themselves with the winch, they found them still tied together.”

Our thoughts go out to Jean and Elisa’s family and friends at this time.

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