Bear breaks down front door of Colorado home.
Bear breaks down front door of Colorado home.

Gnarly surveillance video out of Colorado where a bear busted through a front door like it was made of balsa wood. Judging by how the bear expertly held open the door from swinging back it calls to question whether or not this it’s first time doing it. If you live in bear country, this behavior is unnerving to say the least:

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Home Bear-Proofing Guidelines:

Get in the habit of being bear-responsible. It’s like recycling — at first it’s a little extra effort, but soon it becomes a better way to live. You can be proud you’re helping to make Colorado a better place for people and bears.

  • Don’t feed bears, and don’t put out food for other wildlife that attracts bears. 
  • Be responsible about trash and bird feeders.
  • Burn food off barbeque grills and clean after each use.
  • Keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked, including home, garage and vehicle doors.
  • Don’t leave food, trash, coolers, air fresheners or anything that smells in your vehicle.
  • Pick fruit before it ripens, and clean up fallen fruit.
  • Talk to your neighbors about doing their part to be bear responsible.

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