NPS's guide to petting bison.

The National Park Service hit yet another big ol’ home run with one of their newest Instagram posts, once again targeting the issue of people attempting to pet bison. Just to be clear, the best way to pet bison is to NEVER ATTEMPT TO PET BISON. And that’s exactly what the NPS is saying.

NPS’s guide to petting bison.

So what’s their Instagram account’s answer to the fluffy cow petting question? To humiliate people for even asking. Clicking through the photos will reveal one simple question, word by word: “Why are you the way that you are?”.

Swipe back and we’ll pretend this never happened. Have we taught you nothing? Just remember to keep your distance and enjoy your experience watching, not petting, wildlife. Avoid famous last words like “If not friend, why friend shaped,” and “Oops, I 💩 my pants.” – National Park Service

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