Mountain lion cubs Rose and Willow show off their growl.

OAKLAND, California – Here’s a taste of adorable to start your weekend. These three mountain lion cubs were all rescues at the Oakland Zoo in California at one point. Fortunately the zoo made the right decision and recorded their adorable growls to share with the public.


throwback to the fierceness. who did it best?

♬ original sound – Oakland Zoo

Rose was rescued in Spring 2022 in San Mateo. When she was discovered, she was severely anemic and weighed only eight pounds. She received a life-saving transfusion and eventually reached a healthy weight over 50 pounds. In the summer of 2022, she was moved to The Living Desert in Palm Springs.

Holly was discovered just a few days before Christmas in 2022. California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers observed her for a few days to see if her mother would return, bringing her to the Oakland Zoo’s veterinary hospital when it was clear the mother wouldn’t. She was suffering from hypothermia and other illness, requiring ICU treatment. In the summer of 2023, Holly was moved to Big Bear Alpine Zoo in Southern California.

Willow is still a resident at the Oakland Zoo, having been brought in in November of this past year. She was brought in with her sister, Maple, at around 6-10 weeks old. They were found near the city of Burlingame after their mother had sadly passed in a car accident. They will remain at the zoo until the California Department of Fish and Wildlife finds them a permanent home.

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