A bear broke into a California home, stealing just a container of Oreos.

MONROVIA, California – A Los Angeles suburb has been having quite a hard time with bears as of late, with one specific homeowner learning that a screen alone won’t protect a window, or the Oreos inside.

According to ABC7, this bear broke into a house in the 200 block of Canyon Crest Drive in Monrovia on Friday, May 24, taking the screen out of the window, getting inside, and leaving with a container of Oreos. Nobody was injured throughout the incident.

This is not the first incident of the year, either. A week before this situation, a smaller bear broke into a car owned by the same family, stealing a whole host of groceries. The animal did, once again, steal a box of Oreos.

Last year, neighbor Vina Khoury had a bear break into her garage, opened her refrigerator, and stole a chocolate cake.

Obviously in these cases, these bears may have gotten a little to smart for their own good, but it’s up to people to make sure the animals stay away from our neighborhoods and are able to coexist. If you live in bear territory, you should make sure you’re staying responsible about trash, bird feeders, and other smelly attractants. Keep doors and windows closed and locked, and never leave smelly things in your car. Most importantly, never ever feed bears.

A bear snacks on a container of Oreos it stole from a California home.

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