Can a motorbike beat the Red Bull Hardline record?

UNITED KINGDOM – Red Bull Hardline is one of the wildest mountain biking events of the year. The downhill course is intense, to say the least, and these bikers tend to full out send it.

On a trail like the one at Red Bull Hardline, what would be more helpful? Being heavy or being light? Having a motor, or being able to make sharp, snappy turns? Red Bull it to the test, sending British moto-enduro racer Jonny Walker down the trail on his motorbike. So who’s fastest? Bike or moto?

Is a motorbike faster than a downhill mountain bike? Simple question with a straight forward answer. Most of the time… but what if you battle it out down the toughest MTB course on planet Earth? In 2022 Jackson Goldstone won Red Bull Hardline by setting a mind-blowing time of 2:20:53. Can the Hard Enduro heavyweight Johny Walker beat his time?

Before even watching the video, I would guess that mountain bikes have an advantage on a trail like this. Quick and snappy versus big and fast on the straights seems better. I would not have guessed that Jonny would even make the podium, but I guess I was wrong! I’m glad the man-powered bike won in the end, though.

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