It was the tail end of the nineties, boy bands ruled TRL, puka shell necklaces roamed the streets and for a select few, SOAP SHOES opened up an entire world of casual radness.

If you are not familiar let me get you up to speed. Basically the shoes looked like your normal pair of chunky late 90’s skate shoes, but had aggressive rollerblade style grind plates on the bottom allowing the wearer to slide rails and curbs.

The fad has a had a few flareups in the past but I think it will rise like a phenix in summer 2024. Just imagine you and the boys throwing sweet tricks like this all summer long:

If one you gets really good you can step to handrails like this dude:

You can get a fresh pair of GrindShoes for $89….what are you waiting for?

Here’s a full edit from GrindShoe/rollerblade pro Eugen Enin:

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