GREENLAND – We love national parks. Whether in the United States or in another country, their expansive wilderness makes for some of the coolest landscapes in the world.

The biggest park in the United States park system, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, is substantially massive. According to the National Parks Foundation, it’s larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Switzerland combined. Altogether, it takes up 13.2 million acres, or around 53418.5 square kilometers. The largest national park in the world is around 18 times larger.

The Northeast Greenland National Park is 972,000 square kilometers, or a little over 240 million acres. The park is over 1,300 kilometers long (about 807 miles), north to south. That’s around the same distance as San Francisco, California, to Bozeman, Montana. It’s made up of the Kap Morris Jesup land area and the Greenland Ice Sheet, the largest ice mass in the northern hemisphere.

If the Northeast Greenland park was a country, it would be the 31st largest in the world. Behind it would sit Tanzania, Nigeria, and Venezuela. Despite its size, less than 40 inhabit the park throughout the year, mostly for research or military purposes, and members of the exclusive Sirius Patrol, a highly specialized unit of the Danish Armed Forces, spend 26 months journeying through the park with one partner and a dog team.

There is no infrastructure, including roads, and there are no accommodations within the park. Boats, mainly specific cruise ships, are essentially the only way to visit the area. Camping is the only way for tourists to spend the night on land in Northeast Greenland National Park, but permits are needed.

Now just to be clear, several protected marine areas are larger than the Northeast Greenland National Park, like the 1.9 million square kilometer Marae Moana. But when it comes to protected land masses, the Greenland park reigns supreme.

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Featured Image Credit: Expedition Life via YouTube

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