Nothing like a nice zen video of some serious Via Ferrata climbing to calm your nerves! Seriously though, this guy just posts videos of him climbing in Switzerland with calming music and no voiceover, and it’s pretty sweet. So if you’re looking for something to zone out to while eating lunch, or something to put on the television in the background of a party, this is your guy.

This is the Via Ferrata at Piz Trovat, rated a K5-K6 on the Via Ferrata difficulty scale. According to the video description and title, this is the most difficult in Switzerland, but there isn’t much backing up that claim, so we’ll just say it’s among Switzerland’s most difficult.

This is the official description for the route:

Piz Trovat 2 is a via ferrata for experts: it is located on very difficult (K5) to extremely difficult (K6) terrain and therefore requires strong upper arms, nerves of steel and excellent physical fitness. This route branches off after the Cambrena section, shortly before the rope bridge. The descent on the stone slabs is the easiest part: after that, the difficultly level increases steadily. One of the highlights of the route is the 35-metre-long Tyrolean traverse. Afterwards, there is a long transverse section that reveals a fabulous panoramic view of the Bernina range. The final challenge is tackling the crux section with its longer overhanging sections (up to 30 metres!) at the biceps wall, which will test your mountaineering skills to the limit.

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