Ski gear is expensive. People like us love to spend tons of money on multiple pairs of skis and bindings (and possibly boots) so we have the perfect set up for any condition, and that means taking care of multiple pairs of skis and bindings to ensure that they last a decent amount of time. In the winter, this means waxing, sharpening, keeping them off rocks, etc. But what does this mean throughout the summer? Should you just toss them in the garage and forget about the gear until next November?

Like with anything ski-care related, there might be a few different opinions and techniques for summer ski storage. First of all, if you really don’t want to put any effort into it, you can just toss your skis into the garage and forget. They might get damaged, they could lose a bit of their shape, their life might be shortened, and you might be a bit disappointed when you’re skiing on brutally dull skis on opening day, but you can do it.

Prepping Your Skis For The Summer

If you really want to take care of your skis (as you probably should), there’s a few things you should be doing. First of all, clean those suckers off. Water and a towel will suffice. Just get any dirt and grime off the base, edges, and top sheet of each ski. Then make sure you get them nice and dry.

Your next step is to take a good hard look at those edges. Deburr, sharpen, do what you need to do to get them in a good condition. Here’s a video from REI teaching you how to do that yourself, if you don’t already know. Cleaning up the edges will both lead to better early seasons ski days if you can’t find time to properly tune them in the fall, and reduce the risk of rust or other damage over the summer.

The last step for the skis themselves is to apply a nice cover of storage wax to the base. There are specific storage waxes, but any ski wax will do a pretty decent job. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of wax here. Get the bases and edges heavily covered, and don’t scrape. That stuff is staying on there all summer long.

You can easily have a shop take care of all of this if you don’t feel the desire to get it done yourself. Some shops even have a specific, cheaper price for storage wax/sharpening.

Storing Your Skis

Like anything made with wood, storing skis in a consistent climate is going to be the best move. We’re looking for dry and cool, not out of the way and convenient. Obviously, depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find something like this, so just do your best. Ideally somewhere inside at least, where you know the temperature isn’t fluctuating like crazy.

Keeping your skis separate through the warmer months is going to be best. If you keep them strapped together or locked at the breaks, you could be warping the skis out of shape, damaging their camber.

If you’re anti-reading, this video from Nordica does a really good job running through the steps to summer storage:

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Featured Image Credit: Kipras Štreimikis on Unsplash

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