BRIGHTON RESORT, Utah – What better way to celebrate the end of a ski season than a rippin’ party in the parking lot. All the best ski resorts have some heavy tailgating in their parking lot, including Brighton Resort.

We’ve seen a whole host of wild things go on in ski resort parking lots, from grilling (duh) to jerry-rigged rail jams, to cops arresting unruly guests. A full blown pool table in the middle of the lot, though? That’s a new one.

I’d like to see the process of getting the pool table to the resort. If you’ve ever had to move one of those, you’d understand what I mean. Even the lightest of pool tables can be ridiculously heavy. The plate that goes under the green felt cover, whether it’s granite, marble, or slate, weighs an absurd amount. So whoever got that thing there, good on ya, and good on Brighton for throwing what looks like a killer end of the season party.

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