Dear Editor,

I recently came across a proposal suggesting that skiers should be required to obtain a license, similar to a driver’s license, to hit the slopes. I couldn’t disagree more with this idea. The notion that we need to regulate skiing with a licensing system is not only unnecessary but also impractical.

Skiing is a recreational activity that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level or experience. Implementing a licensing system would only serve to create barriers and stifle the freedom that comes with skiing. Do we really want to add another layer of bureaucracy to an activity that’s meant to be enjoyable and liberating?

Furthermore, skiing is a vastly different activity from driving. The mountain is not a highway, and skiers are not operating heavy machinery. The risks associated with skiing are inherent and assumed by those who participate, and the vast majority of skiers are able to navigate the slopes safely and responsibly without the need for a license. In fact, many ski resorts already offer lessons and safety guidelines for new skiers, which is a much more effective way to promote safety than a licensing system.

Additionally, a licensing system would be difficult to enforce and would likely lead to a significant increase in costs for skiers, resorts, and the industry as a whole. It would also disproportionately affect certain groups, such as beginners, children, and those from lower-income backgrounds, who may not have the resources or access to obtain a license.

Let’s keep the mountains open and accessible to all, and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation. The last thing we need is a “skiing permit” to enjoy the fresh powder and beautiful scenery. Instead, let’s focus on promoting safety through education, awareness, and personal responsibility.


Ron from Colorado

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