The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined - Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run

Markus Eder’s “The Ultimate Run” is a breathtaking showcase of extreme skiing. Eder navigates impossibly steep slopes, massive cliffs, and intricate terrain with unparalleled skill. His seamless transitions from freestyle tricks to high-speed descents push the boundaries of what’s possible on skis, creating a spectacle of athleticism and creativity.

Markus Eder’s “The Ultimate Run” is his Opus Magnum, seamlessly blending every aspect of freeskiing into one epic descent. Starting from the lofty heights of Zermatt, Eder carves through sheer expanses of powder, navigates massive glacial blocks, and launches off towering ice cliffs. He then reemerges above his home resort of Klausberg, carving fields of fresh powder and joining a session at his local snowpark before returning to the backcountry. This incredible journey includes stunts at Taufer castle and a mining museum. Filmed over 90 days in the Alps, “The Ultimate Run” condenses six years of dream skiing into ten wild minutes.

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