ICELAND – YouTuber Just Icelandic shared drone footage of what appears to be active work on an extremely large, possibly record breaking ski jump in the mountains of Iceland. The jump, located on the Hlíðarfjall mountain near a ski resort, has apparently been in progress for the past two months.

There’s a good chance we won’t know for certain who’s building this until it’s actually complete. But according to Just Icelandic, the general ideas in the area point fingers towards Red Bull. Honestly though, if anyone’s going to head after a massive record like this, it’s Red Bull, so it’s not an entirely surprising opinion.

As he explains in the video, ski jumping is not a huge sport in Iceland. In fact, there’s only one facility for the sport in the entire country. Given the shape of this new platform, it does seem pretty likely that it’ll be used for ski jumping, rather than some big air type freestyle record.

Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see the results of this monster. Who knows if it’ll even happen (poor weather could pretty easily ruin the opportunity to get it done). All I know is that I’m excited to see what comes of it. Ski jumping is, in my opinion, a pretty under rated sport. Hopefully this can stir up a bit more excitement for it.

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Image Credit: Just Icelandic via YouTube

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