Stuntman and US Marine, Kevin Kahwaty, is lucky to be alive after this brutal miscalculation a rotation off a 106 foot cliff. Kevin hit the water pretty much flat on his back and was coughing blood once he was pulled from the water. He suffered an “exploded lung” and a laceration behind his ear so bad that it nearly came off. Cliff jumping can be fun but the consequences can be grave. Work your way up in height, never feel pressured to jump and remember safety first:

“This is the sport I love and with anything there is always risk involved. I started jumping 4 years ago during the pandemic and drastically improved over the coming years. I wanted to flip triple digits so I slowly built up. Jumped 93’ very successfully off of a crane but thats where there was an issue.

The crane, at that height, swayed and had movement which resulted in a slower “set” for the flips. I emulated the pop as I did on the crane, on the cliff, but with no sway there was too much pop and a faster set than what I was anticipating. This minor error had major consequences. I hit the water and at the initial point, started to sink. Realizing I wasn’t knocked out I started to swim for the surface where @mgwhitty and @gio_masters grabbed and pulled me onto flotation devices. With the help of Matt, Gio and @cori.story they got me to the base of the cliff.

Every breathe was blood at this point but I had to get out. I climbed out dragging myself up the 120’ cliff face to get back to the trail where everyone tagged above helped me walk to the car. Made it to the hospital 2 or 3 hours later and got put into the Trauma Center. Impact resulted in an exploded lung and lacerated ear. Thankfully, and surprisingly, nothing more.”

If you would like to see another video from Kevin detailing his injuries that can not be embedded due to it’s graphic nature GO HERE.

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