CANNON MOUNTAIN, New Hampshire – Hello everybody, hello everybody. It’s Leo, the Salty Old Cruiser from Cannon Mountain”.

The best conditions reports are those that contain a bit more personality than a typical weather report. Sure, you could just tell us how much snow has fallen in the past few days, or you could tell us where to head on the mountain for the best snow, but a bit more personality makes it feel like everyone, even the tourists from way out of town, are a part of the crew.

Leo, the Salty Old Cruiser (self titled) from Cannon Mountain is a great example of this. Now Leo isn’t employed by the mountain (as far as I can tell). Instead, he’s just an 80-year-old retiree who skis as much as he possibly can. Nearly every morning that Leo goes skiing, he posts a condition report to his TikTok, sharing what he’s noticing on the drive to the mountain, in the lodge before getting on the mountain, and on the lift as he’s riding up the mountain.

Cannon, get this guy on your pay roll. His videos are a proper joy to watch. You can tell how much he loves skiing and just generally being out there on the snow. Plus he’s got a whole crew of old cruisers and other people along side him.

Sadly, Leo’s season came to an end when Cannon closed down on April 8th. But you can still follow along with his adventures this summer, as he seems to be prepping his sailboat for a pretty big journey in June.

“I‘ll be prepping my sailboat for 1200 mile sailing adventure that begins in late June. Sure hope you’ll continue to follow as I switch to my summer passion.” – Leo, Salty Old Cruiser

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Image Credit: Salty Old Cruiser via TikTok

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