We’re in for a bit of a dry spell in terms of snow across the mountainous west and pacific coast, but that doesn’t mean snowfall is done for the year. It may be spring, but meteorologist Chris Tomer makes it clear that the weather could still be snowy at several ski areas in the coming weeks.

Again, a dry spell is ahead, with a pretty minor amount of snowfall across the western half of the United States until April 12. April 13-17, though, looks like it could be a solid couple of days for a few Montana area ski resorts. Big Sky, specifically, is looking at possibly receiving around 20 inches of snowfall throughout that time period.

Several Colorado mountains could receive around half an inch as well, with both Vail and Loveland predicted to receive up to eight inches. Meanwhile, California’s Mammoth Mountain could get a healthy 10 inches while the rest of California sits at less than 5″.

Chris Tomer has been forecasting for climbers and skiers for 20 years, providing mountain weather predictions for those of us who love to be in the outdoors. You can find daily weather updates on both his YouTube channel and his blog.

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Image Credit: Chris Tomer via YouTube

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